An illustration I painted as tribute to one of my favorite pieces of literature of all time. Dune by Frank Herbert has had a huge impact on me. If science fiction ever had a sacred text, it’s Dune. I can’t fathom why it is not a cultural phenomenon on the same level as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. This scene depicts Paul shortly after he and his mother had been taken in by the fremen tribe. I loved the novel for all of its little moments that felt so firmly anchored in the place and the culture. The setting is so thoroughly conceived and described that it’s hard not to feel like your a part of it as you read. The sandworm of course is such a sci-fi icon. While the aesthetics of Dune have varied wildly from artist to artist throughout all of its incarnations, the sandworm has remained fairly consistent. In no small part due to David Lynch’s version which had a very simple and effective design. I wanted my sandworm to be recognizable as THE sandworm from Dune with it’s three mouth-petals (which we’re never actually described in the book). But I wanted mine to feel a little more alive and evoke the sense of awe you’d experience from seeing a whale or a great white shark breach the surface of the ocean in the vicinity of your boat. You’d be amazed and immediately humbled by the scale and power of that animal and Maybe even feel a little vulnerable sharing its space. I especially wanted it’s jaws to feel more like those of a vertebrate predator that was a bit more relatable, with discernible musculature and structure.